Perch documentation

Perch 1 Videos

The following videos were created for Perch 1 and used to be on the main website under Video Tutorial. If you are using Perch 1 then follow these videos rather than the Perch 2 tutorial.

  1. The Server Compatibility Test – running the test to make sure that your server supports the basic Perch requirements
  2. Installing Perch – step by step through the install process
  3. Your first content – editing basic content with Perch
  4. Creating templates – the basics of Perch content template creation
  5. Repeating Regions – working with repeated areas of content
  6. Displaying content with perch:before and perch:after – how to use these conditional tags in your templates
  7. Contact details – creating a contact details template, using the perch:if tags
  8. Shared regions – updating data in one region updates all identical regions around the site
  9. Google maps – adding a Google map to your site
  10. Using Search – adding basic search functionality to your site

Chapter Two – Official Apps

  1. Perch Pages – how to enable the adding of new pages via the Perch interface
  2. Perch Forms – how to create forms to capture information from visitors and store or forward it via email
  3. Perch Blog – setting up a blog
  4. Perch Blog custom output – displaying blog posts on your homepage using perch_blog_custom()