The Perch Control Panel

The Perch Control Panel

This video is an introduction to the Perch Control Panel. This is where you will set up your Perch Regions and templates and where your client and any content editors will come to edit the content on the website.

In Perch we try and keep everything as simple as possible. This means that Perch functionality not required by every site is usually available as a free add-on, rather than bundled into Perch directly. So the default Control Panel is all about editing regular website content.

I’m logged in here as the main Admin account. So I have access to everything.

The default view when logging in is your list of pages. Any pages that you have set up Perch Content on will be listed here.

Then there are some default Apps. Included at Install is the Assets App, for managing files and images. Categories, for Categories across the site and in Apps, and Users for Managing your users.

You can edit your own Account, and View Settings.

We’ll be looking at the different parts of the Control Panel in the other videos in this series.