Perch documentation

Welcome to the Perch documentation. Everything you need to know about using Perch is here, from our Getting Started Guide, to tutorial videos and fully worked solutions to full documentation of Perch template tags and page functions.

If you are looking for something specific, simply type it into the search box, you can also explore the entire documentation site via the sitemap.

The main sections of the documentation are described below. If you are brand new to Perch and particularly if installing a CMS is new to you, the video tutorial will help you through the basics so would be a great place to get started.

Looking for Perch 1 documentation?

This system is for Perch 2. Visit Perch 1 documentation and Perch 1 Video Tutorials.


The Perch documentation contains detailed information about all of the Perch functionality - from install, to standard Perch template tags, through all of our official apps.

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Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch rather than read our video tutorials take you through the basics of using Perch and some of the apps.

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In this section we are building up a resource of tutorial style articles and other information that will help you to do interesting things with Perch.

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