To check out you need to configure a payment gateway. You can do this in the perch/config/shop.php file that should have been created for you. Note the Slug used by your gateway, as you need to add that to your code below.

The specific documentation for each gateway has an example configuration and details of the payment flow you need to follow.

  return [
    'gateways' => [
      'stripe' => [
        'enabled'   => true,
        'test_mode' => true,
        'live' => [
          'secret_key'      => 'sk_live_ABC123',
          'publishable_key' => 'pk_live_ABC123',
        'test' => [
          'secret_key'      => 'sk_test_ABC123',
          'publishable_key' => 'pk_test_ABC123',

Once you’re ready to check out, you need to call the perch_shop_checkout() function. Depending on the gateway you’re using the flow might look a little different.

See the Payment Gateways page for information and payment flows for the available gateways.