Add Perch to a Page

Add Perch to a Page

Perch is different to many content management systems as you don’t need to turn your whole site into a theme to start using Perch.

Start by adding the Perch runtime include to an existing page.

Now add a Perch Region, enclosed in PHP tags. The name you give your region should identify it in the Control Panel.

Save the page and reload it in your browser. Reloading the page allows Perch to pick it up.

Now go to the Control Panel and your Region should display as ‘New” with the name that you chose. Click on it and you will be asked to choose a template.

If this is your first time using Perch then the templates in the list are our default ones, just to get started. Choose the Text Block template to get started. This will display an editor using Markdown for formatting. Add some content, save and go back to your site. Reload and the content will appear.

For very simple content on a tiny site, this might be all you need to do. Add a few Regions, pick a standard template, and you or your client can update the content.