Adding Help

Adding Help to the Perch Admin

We often hear from Perchers about how, when using Perch, they really cut down the amount of time they need to spend training clients on how to use the CMS. And a great way to cut that time down further is to offer help and tips right within the CMS.

There are a couple of ways that you can add help to your templates in Perch. Firstly, you can add a help block to the top of a template with the <perch:help> tag.

Add an opening and closing <perch:help></perch:help> tag and then inside the tags add any help you like. That can include HTML content, images and we’ve even seen people add a little video.

You can also add inline hints, by using the help attribute on a template. Add the help attribute with a value of any tip for editing that specific field. This will show up as a tip in the template.

Adding help can really give clients confidence in editing their own content, and in the future if they need to get someone else to edit the content rather than the person you trained, they will be able to use al the tips to get up to speed. It’s a simple thing but really helps your client to benefit from the structured content approach of Perch.