Order Fields and Using Template Dividers

Ordering Fields and Adding Dividers

We think that a little bit of thought when designing editing forms makes a huge difference to the experience of content editors using a CMS. So we try and build in lots of ways for you to customise your forms and make them as easy as possible to use.

One way in which we do that is by allowing you to change the order in which fields display. By default they will display as they are ordered in the template source - but that often isn’t the most natural way for the edit form to display them.

Add an order attribute, with a value that is the order you would like the fields to display and in admin the fields will respect that order. This value makes no difference in terms of how the form is displayed on your site.

Another nice tip is to use template dividers to break up long forms.

Use divider-before with a value of the content to display in the divider bar and the divider will appear before that content.

You can do the same thing with divider-after and the bar will appear after that field.

Once again this has no effect on your website, we’re just tailoring the admin experience here.