Region Options

Region Options

After setting up a Region in Perch there are a number of options that you can configure. To get to these options choose your Region in the Control Panel and click Region Options.

The first option is to Share across all pages, this is the option that makes a region a shared region.

The second is to Allow Multiple Items. If you check this then the editor can add multiple items into this region and the template will be repeated for each one.

When creating a template you can set title on any tag. The content of this tag will then be displayed as a title in the Perch Admin. If you want to set multiple titles Perch will show them all, you can put a character here to link the titles - for example a space if you were using first name and last name.

If you do not want the region to show up in search results uncheck this field. We also have a field you can enter a specific URL for use of this content in search results. We’ll cover this in a later video so unless you know you need this option leave it blank.

Any Roles you have set up will appear in the list under Permissions, at installation Perch creates and Admin and Editor group and that is what you can see here.

Finally you have the option to change a template. This should be used with great care as if your new templates does not have the same fields as the old one you will lose that data. However it can be useful - for example if you copied a template and changed the markup, and want some regions to use the new one.