The Diagnostics Report

The Diagnostics Report

If you ask for support from us at Perch we’ll quite likely ask for your Diagnostics Report. This Report tells you - and us - lots of helpful things about how Perch is running.

When logged into the Control Panel as an admin you will fid the report under Settings.

The Health Check at the top tells you some important things about your environment. A key thing we flag here is old PHP versions and also if your server has no way to resize and process images.

Then follows the Summary Information. It’s a good idea to include this section with any support request to our forum. In most cases it will get you help much faster.

A useful thing to look at here is on the first line - that’s the version of Perch you are running.

The third line tells you the Apps you have installed.

You can also see here some information about file paths and also resource limits on your server.

The button at the bottom allows you to view the full extended report. This gives a lot more information and we might ask you for that if we are troubleshooting a difficult problem.