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The Perch Documentation

Welcome to the Perch CMS documentation. We have a range of ways for you to discover Perch - from template documentation, to worked examples in our Solutions section, to a complete video tutorial and other technique videos. We add to this material frequently and aim to provide resources in various forms to suit all learning styles. You will also find here our Developer API documentation, helpful if you want to extend Perch in some way.

Perch Documentation


This section of the site is documentation for Perch itself. It includes all of our template documentation - which is common to Perch Core and any apps that use the API, such as our official apps.

Perch Runway Documentation


For those using Perch Runway, there is dedicated documentation to supliment the documentation for the basic Perch functionality. Things like the template documentation is common to both products, but Runway has its own considerations, especially around configuration.

Official Add-on Documentation


This section of the site is documentation specific to each first-party add-on. While Apps use the same templating each has some documentation specific to it, and that can be found in this section.



We have a complete video tutorial taking you through the process of building a site with Perch from a starting point of a static site. We also have a growing collection of videos that give overviews of features in Perch or teach specific techniques.



Solutions are worked examples, how to achieve certain things with Perch. These can be contributed to by the community as the source of these solutions is available on GitHub. If you have worked out how to do something with Perch - share it with the community!

Developer API


To extend Perch for your own use or to create add-ons to sell or share with the community you can use our API. All of the official apps were developed using the API s can serve as examples of the types of things you can add to Perch.

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