Perch documentation

Perch is a content management system designed for small websites as a drop-in solution. Perch Runway a fully featured CMS for larger content driven sites. They share a template language and many features - the main difference is the types of projects they are each designed for.

In this documentation you will find information, references and videos to help you use Perch, Perch Runway, our first party add-ons and also our Developer API.

The Template and Function references are common to both products and to our Add-ons. Head to these if you want to know how a certain page function of template tag works.

Under the Perch section of the site are our Perch Getting Started materials. Many of these are relevant to Runway too and we flag up where they are not.

Runway-specific information is found in the Runway documentation.


If you are a PHP developer and want to extend Perch, you will find all you need in the API section of the documentation.

Need Help?

Check out some of the troubleshooting tips, and if you still need some help then pop along to our forum where Perch Official Support can be found answering your questions all day.