Adding Settings

Apps sometimes need to offer the user configuration options, and for this purpose they can add items to the Perch Settings page.

This is done from within the admin.php file.

Adding a setting

$this->add_setting('my_app_editorMayDeleteStuff', 'Editors may delete stuff', 'checkbox', false);

The add_setting() method tags 6 arguments:

Argument Type Description Example
Setting ID String A unique ID for the setting, prefixed with your app ID my_app_editorMayDeleteStuff
Label String A label for the setting, presented to the user Editors may delete stuff
Field type String or callable The type of form element to use for the setting, see below text
Default value String, int, bool The default value for the setting true
Options Array Optional, options for select fields See below
Hint text String Optional hint text for displaying next to the field

Field types

There are four basic field types:

If specifying a select box, you should also provide an options array. Each item in the array is an associative array with label and value keys. The label is displayed, the value returned.

$opts = array();
$opts[] = array('label'=>'Option 1', 'value'=>'1');
$opts[] = array('label'=>'Option 2', 'value'=>'2');
$opts[] = array('label'=>'Option 3', 'value'=>'3');

If you need a more complex type of field, you can specify a callable anonymous function as the argument for the field type. The function is passed the following

Argument Type Description
Form Object An instance of PerchAPI_Form
ID String The ID of the setting
Details Array The current settings values
Setting Array The details of this particular setting

It is then your responsibility to return the HTML for the completed form field. For example, Perch Shop defines the following to provide the user with a list of currency options that are marked as active in the database:

$this->add_setting('perch_shop_default_currency', 'Default currency', 'PerchShop_Currencies::get_settings_select_list', '');

The get_settings_select_list function:

public static function get_settings_select_list($Form, $id, $details, $setting)
    $opts = array();
    $opts[] = array('value'=>'', 'label'=>'');
    $c = __CLASS__;
    $Currencies = new $c;
    $currencies = $Currencies->get_by('currencyActive', '1');
    if (PerchUtil::count($currencies)) {
        foreach($currencies as $Currency) {
            $opts[] = array('value'=>$Currency->currencyID(), 'label'=>$Currency->currencyCode());
    return $Form->select($id, $opts, $Form->get($details, $id, $setting['default'])); 

$Form, $id, $details, $setting

Reading your setting back

Once a setting is set, you need to be able to read it back. You do that like this:

$Settings = $API->get('Settings');