List of events

Currently, Perch core fires the below events. Individual add-ons can also fire their own events, so if you’re looking to integrate with a particular app, you should check the list of events included with that app’s documentation.


Event Description
region.add_item An item has been added to the region
region.truncate Items have been deleted from a region (such as converting a multi-item region to a single-item region)
region.share The region has been marked as shared
region.unshare Shared status has been removed from the region
region.create_revision A new revision of the region has been created
region.publish The region has been published
region.index The region has be reindexed
region.undo The undo function has been called to roll the region back to a prior state
region.cleanup The cleanup routine has been run on the region to identify and delete any unused assests
region.update_permissions Permissions have been updated on the region
region.create A region has been created
region.delete The region has been deleted

Region items

Event Description
item.delete An item has been deleted
item.clear_resources The assets logged against this item have been unlogged (usually prior to deletion)
item.log_resources Assets for the item have been logged


Event Description
collection.add_item A collection item has been created
collection.create_item_revision A new revision of the item has been created
collection.publish_item An item in the collection has been published
collection.cleanup The cleanup routine has been run on the collection to identify and delete any unused assests
collection.publish The entire collection has been published


Event Description
page.create A page has been created
page.update_permissions Permissions on the page have been updated
page.publish The page has been published
route.updated A page route has been updated (Runway)


Event Description
category.create A category has been created
category.update The category has been updated


Event Description
assets.upload_image An image file has been uploaded
assets.create_image A new image variant has been created (e.g. a thumbnail based on the uploaded original)


Event Description
email.send An email has been sent


Event Description A backup has been run

Users and Authentication

Event Description
user.login A Perch control panel user has logged in

Runtime events

The following events are fired at page runtime, rather than by the control panel.

Event Description
page.loaded The page has been loaded

We’re always happy to add new events if there’s something your code needs to listen for. Post a suggestion to the forum with the event you’d like added, and your use-case for adding it and we’ll do our best to help.