Perch can output a breadcrumb trail for the current page using the perch_pages_breadcrumbs() function.


Type Description
Array Options array, see table below
Boolean Set to true to have the value returned instead of echoed.

Options array

Name Value
hide-extensions true/false. Strips the file extension from any links generated.
hide-default-doc true/false. Strips the default document (normally index.php) from the end of the links.
template The name of the template file to be used.
skip-template true/false. Returns a PHP associative array rather than the templated HTML.
add_trailing_slash true/false. Adds a trailing slash to the end of the link.
navgroup The slug of the navigation group to use.
include-hidden true/false. Include pages that have been marked as hidden within the control panel.
use-attributes True/false, defaults to true. Specifies whether page attributes are loading into the navigation. Setting to false will give you a minor performance boost.

Usage examples

Simplest example, using the function with no parameters will output breadcrumbs as an HTML list. As with anything else in Perch the markup is editable. The templates live in perch/templates/navigation and the default template is called breadcrumbs.html.

<?php perch_pages_breadcrumbs(); ?>

The following can be used to output breadcrumbs using a custom template perch/templates/navigation/custom.html.


A full example with all options would be

        'hide-extensions'  => false,
        'hide-default-doc' => true,
        'template'         => 'breadcrumbs.html',
        'skip-template'    => false

The skip-template option returns a PHP associative array of the raw data for generating your own sort of breadcrumbs. When skip-template is set, the function returns its value rather than outputting it to the page.

    $crumbs = perch_pages_breadcrumbs(array(

To return the templated HTML for other purposes, pass a second argument of true.

    $crumbs = perch_pages_breadcrumbs(array(), true);