Log an episode as being played, and optionally redirect to the true URL of the media file with perch_podcasts_track_play().



Type Description
String A unique show slug
Slug or Integer Either an episode number or an episode slug
Array Options array, see table below
Boolean Set to true to have the value returned instead of echoed.

Options array

Name Value
template String with the template filename from the perch/templates/podcasts folder.

Usage examples

The first argument must be a unique show slug. The second argument must be either an episode number, or the episode slug. These usually will have been passed on the URL from a listing page.

This example will use the value of ?s= on the URL to find the show, and ep= to find the episode of that show.

<?php perch_podcasts_track_play(perch_get('s'), perch_get('ep')); ?>

The function takes a standard options array as the third argument.