The PerchSystem class holds a number of utility methods that enables access to utility functions. All methods are called statically, e.g.

PerchUtil::urlify('Some String');


Enable debug mode to use the below debugging methods.

Method Purpose
debug Add a message (string, array or object) to the debug output.
mark Add a highlighted message to the debug output.
output_debug Output the debug messages.


Method Purpose
redirect Perform an HTTP 30x redirect to the given URL
hold_redirects Hold redirects. Useful for troubleshooting.


Method Purpose
http_get_request Make a HTTP get request.
http_post_request Make a HTTP post request.


Method Purpose
file_extension Get the file extension
file_path Make a file path OS-safe by swapping out the correct DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
get_mime_type Get the file MIME type


Method Purpose
urlify Convert a string to a basic URL-safe version.
html Convert special characters in a string to HTML entities.
is_valid_email Check whether a given string is a valid email address.
is_assoc Check whether an array is associative.
get_client_ip Get the client IP address