Master Pages

In Perch Runway, every page request ends up at a Master Page. (This is in contrast to Perch, where every page in the site has a corresponding file in the site tree.)

In Runway, every type of page in your site is created as a Master Page. That means you’ll end up with some which are unique (like a home page or blog listing) and others that are reused many times (like a general article page).

The Master Page is the blueprint for what appears on the page. It might include a certain layout, then perhaps an image slideshow followed by a news listing and a footer, for example.

Master Pages are created as .php files within the perch/templates/pages folder, and can be organised into subfolders.

When creating a new page, you pick which Master Page it will use. Updating a Master Page updates all the pages based on it.


    // output the top of the page
    perch_layout('global/top', [
        'page_title' => perch_page_title(true),

    // main navigation
        'levels'   => 1,
        'template' => 'main_nav.html',

    // page-specific introduction content
    perch_content('News introduction');

    // a list of articles from the 'News' collection
    perch_collection('News', [
        'sort'       => 'published_on',
        'sort-order' => 'DESC',
        'count'      => 10,

    // reusable sidebar containing the latest tweet
    perch_layout('news/sidebar', [
        'tweets' => perch_twitter_get_latest([
                        'count' => 1,
                    ], true),

    // closing footer