Named Segments

Matching the URL is one thing, but the next logical step is that you want to use parts of that URL to do things in your page. In our blog post example, we’d want the slug in order to be able to look up the correct post.

To do that, you just add the name to the token. Let’s say I want to use the slug as postslug within my page. I’d modify the pattern to be:


The [slug:postslug] token means simply “a slug named postslug“. You’d use it in your page with:


In your templates, we prefix the name with url_ to avoid naming conflicts with your own template IDs:

<perch:content id="url_postslug">

Advanced features

You can match from multiple options. The below would match /product/view/1234 and /product/order/1234 with the view or order being passed through as action and the product ID as product_id:


Another example, to offer a report in XML, CSV or JSON format: