Shop App

The Shop app offers a full suite of e-commerce tools for selling physical and digital products and services from your website all managed within your Perch or Perch Runway control panel.

Products and inventory

Products can be added with unique SKUs, titles, descriptions, price, tax bands, stock status and levels, and shipping weights and dimensions.

They can be organised by brand and category, and can have a reduced sale price and dedicated trade prices.

Products can have options such as colour and size. Options can have their own prices and stock levels.

When items are sold, inventory is decreased. Products can display as in stock or low, out of stock or more ordered.

Products have basic fields that can be supplemented by full Perch content management with repeaters, blocks, images, extended descriptions and so on.

Products can have files associated with them that are available to purchasers. These could be digital products, or just supplementary items.

Cart and promotions

A full shopping cart is available. Items can be added and removed, quantities adjusted. The amount of tax and the total is displayed.

The cart is one available step - simpler customer flows can choose to omit it, or to simplify the display to just the total. It’s all controlled by simple Perch templates.

Discount codes can be created add applied to a cart. These can include free shipping, fixed and percentage-based discounts. Discounts have date ranges, and can be limited by use, use-per-customer, and maximum discount value. They can have a trigger value and apply to shipping on not.

Customer management

Customer accounts and handled by the Members app. Customers can register with an email address, or log back in to their existing account. Billing and shipping address can be added.

All the features of the Members app such as welcome emails and password resets can be used.

Customers can be viewed and managed, along with information such as the total customer value.

Shipping and Payment

Multiple shipping methods can be added, based on price and weight. Shipping rates can be adjusted by shipping location.

Many payment providers are supported, including including many pay-page options that don’t involve you needing to handle credit card numbers on your site.

Order management

Orders pass through multiple customisable stages - unpaid, paid, processing, dispatched, refunded and so on. Orders can be viewed and updated, and invoices printed.