Handling payment results

When the customer returns from the payment provider, it’s useful to show a response indicating that their payment has been successful, or to provide instructions if it has not.

All this happens on the page you set as the return_url option when making a call to perch_shop_checkout(). There may be more you need to do on this page depending on your gateway, so be sure to check the specific gateway documentation for whichever system you’re using.

This example deals with displaying feedback to the customer only.

// Has the order been succcessfully placed?
if (perch_shop_order_successful()) {

    // Yes! Show a success message
    perch_content('Order successful');

    // Redisplay the details of the order


    // Payment problem! Show instructions to the customer
    perch_content('Payment not successful');

This example uses standard perch_content() regions to make the content editable. This is a good idea as it enables whoever manages the shop to be able to respond to any problems they see with clearer messaging.