Display a list of years, and then months nested within those years, along with post counts with perch_blog_date_archive_months().



Type Description
String A custom template for years
String A custom template for months
Boolean Set to true to have the value returned instead of echoed.

Options array

Name Value
hide-extensions true/false. Strips the file extension from any links generated.

Usage examples

This uses two templates. One for the years, and one for the months. By default these are months_year_link.html and months_month_link.html.

<?php perch_blog_date_archive_months(); ?>

You can specify your own templates:

<?php perch_blog_date_archive_months('my_years.html', 'my_months.html'); ?>

Pass true as the final argument to return the result.

<?php perch_blog_date_archive_months('my_years.html', 'my_months.html', true); ?>