Output the section with the perch_blog_section() function. The first argument should be the slug of the section you want to display.



Type Description
String Unique slug identifying this section
Array Options array, see table below
Boolean Set to true to have the value returned instead of echoed.

Options array

Name Value
template The name of the template to use.
skip-template True or false. If true, returns the data as an array.
split-items True or false. If true, uses the template but returns an array of templates HTML items.
cache True or false. Whether the result should be cached or rendered live.

Usage examples

Display the section using the default section template.

<?php perch_blog_section(perch_get('section')); ?>

The second argument is an optional options array:

<?php perch_blog_section(perch_get('section'), array(
  'template' => 'my-section-template.html'
)); ?>

Pass true as the third argument to return rather than echo the value.

<?php perch_blog_section(perch_get('section'), array(
  'template' => 'my-section-template.html'
), true ); ?>