Creating Pages

You can use Perch to edit content on existing pages or you can use Perch to allow content editors to create new pages – either in specific locations or sitewide.


Pages are created from a Master Page. This is a special, full page template, which includes Perch Regions just as with any other page of your site.

Find out more about creating Master Pages.

After creating a Master Page and adding it to perch/templates/pages log into your admin and set up the Master Page by visiting Master Pages.

If you allow editors to create pages using that Master Page, then the Regions would show up as New – with no template defined. This isn’t generally what you want so when setting up your Master Page you can select another page to copy the Regions from. This means that when the new page is created, the Regions will have templates pre-selected, all ready for the content editor to start adding content.

The whole process of creating a Master Page, setting it up and creating pages from it is demonstrated in our tutorial video Creating Pages