Shop FoxyCart App

Tis add-on is deprecated. If creating a store look at the Perch Shop App.


The Perch Foxycart App uses the namespace perch:shop. This is the same as the other Shop Apps we have which means you may only use one at a time.

Master templates

Template Used for
product.html A product

Template IDs

Value Description

Editing templates

To modify templates copy the templates from /perch/addons/apps/perch_shop_foxycart/templates/shop to /perch/templates/shop and then make your changes. If a template has the same name in this folder as the template in the perch_shop_foxycart folder it will be used rather than the default. You can also create your own templates with any name you like and pass in the name of the template when using perch_shop_custom.

Adding fields to use in other templates

By default any field you add to the product.html template will appear on the page. If you just want to add a field so that it appears in admin and may be used by another template then add the variable suppress to the field. It will then appear in admin to be completed by the user but not display when product.html is used.