Twitter App


The Perch Twitter App uses the namespace perch:twitter.

Master templates

Tweets are imported rather than input in the Control Panel so the Twitter App has no Master Template used for data entry.

Default templates

Template Used for
tweet.html Displaying a tweet

Template IDs

Value Description
tweetHTML The HTML body of the tweet
tweetUser The Twitter user
tweetTwitterID The ID of the tweet on Twitter
tweetUserRealName The user’s real name
tweetUserAvatar The user’s avatar
tweetDate The date and time of the tweet
tweetText (use tweetHTML under normal circumstances)

Editing Templates

The default templates are stored inside the perch_twitter/templates folder however you should not edit these directly.

To modify templates copy the templates from /perch/addons/apps/perch_twitter/templates/twitter to /perch/templates/twitter and then make your changes.

If a template has the same name in this folder as the template in the perch_twitter folder it will be used rather than the default. You can also create your own templates with any name you like and pass in the name of the template in the function’s options array.