Backup App

The Backup App enables a simple backup of files and resources from your site.

This App is Perch only. Perch Runway has built-in comprehensive backup functionality, including scheduled backups.


To backup your database you need to be able to run mysqldump from PHP. Ask your host if you are able to run mysqldump from PHP and if so what the path to it is.

To backup large numbers of resources you will need to have enough available memory on your server.

Templates and functions

This App only appears in the Control Panel to enable the creation of a backup. It adds no additional functions or template tags for use on your site.


The Backup app cannot be used for scheduled backups as it simply creates a zip and gives it to you to download, via the browser. If you have a large site that needs regular scheduled backups from Perch then we would suggest taking a look at upgrading to Perch Runway, which can backup your site to Dropbox or other cloud storage.