Foxycart Shop App

This app is now deprecated. For new installations, please use the Shop app instead.

The FoxyShop app enables you to sell products from your site using the third party cart and checkout service, FoxyCart. You need to set up an account on FoxyCart to use this app.

The app provides the ability to add categories and products, with forms which submit to the cart on FoxyCart.

The shop manages inventory in a basic manner, each product has a quantity field and after purchase we use the xml datafeed from FoxyCart to decrease the available number.

The shop also allows you to set the FoxyCart category on each item which is how you manage taxes and delivery on items in FoxyCart, as well as alternative product types such as downloads.

Before using this app you should familiarize yourself with how FoxyCart works, this is essentially a helper app to enable listing and stock control of products sold via FoxyCart.