Forms App

The Forms app works with the forms capability in Perch to give you an area where form options may be set and responses viewed. You require this app if you are using forms that will be processed by Perch. If you use forms that submit to external scripts then you do not need to install the Forms app.

Form templates

Details about how to create your forms using the Perch form template tags can be found under Forms.

Please note

The forms app enables you to collect and store data within Perch. You should ensure that you comply with any legislation in your country regarding the storing of personal data. You should not use the forms app to store any particularly sensitive data – for example credit card details – as the information is not encrypted.

If you are allowing users to upload a file when they complete a form on your site, ensure that the file is uploaded to a location above the root of your site. This will ensure that users cannot upload a file that they are then able to run from a web browser. We have endeavored to develop the forms app to avoid as many security issues as possible however best practices should also be considered when developing your site.