Database Configuration

The following values relate to how Perch connects to your database. If you are having trouble connecting to the database then run the Perch Compatibility Test. Then use the values that give you a pass for that test in Perch Setup or copied directly into your Config File.

The defaults created at setup will work for most people. There are some additional settings listed below that will help if your host gives you specific instructions.

Database Values

Setting Value
PERCH_DB_USERNAME The database user account username
PERCH_DB_PASSWORD The database user account password
PERCH_DB_SERVER The database server host name or IP address. Often localhost.
PERCH_DB_DATABASE The name of the database
PERCH_DB_PREFIX The database table name prefix. Defaults to perch_ or perch2_. Can be changed to host multiple installs in one database
PERCH_DB_CHARSET The character set to use for the database connection. Defaults to utf8.
PERCH_DB_PORT The port on which to connect to the database server.
PERCH_DB_SOCKET The unix socket path to use.
PERCH_ERROR_MODE Can be set to ECHO to help diagnose database connection problems. Defaults to SILENT so that errors are not displayed on your site (e.g. if the DB server goes down).