Email Configuration

To send emails – for example password reset emails – Perch needs to be able to send mail via PHP. Your host may have specific settings you need to use to allow this to happen, or you can send mail via a third party.

The following settings allow you to configure this. If you want to test that your mail configuration is working then log into Perch admin and visit Settings > Email. Here you can send a test email, if you receive the mail then your email is correctly configured. It is a good idea to test this before you need to do a password reset!

If you are not receiving mail then ask your host what you need to do to send mail from PHP, then use the below settings to configure Perch to meet their advice.

Email Settings

Setting Value
PERCH_EMAIL_FROM Default email address to send mail from
PERCH_EMAIL_FROM_NAME Default name to send email from
PERCH_EMAIL_METHOD mail, smtp or sendmail
PERCH_EMAIL_AUTH True or false. Use authenticated SMTP
PERCH_EMAIL_PORT SMTP port. Defaults to 25
PERCH_EMAIL_USERNAME Username for authenticated SMTP
PERCH_EMAIL_PASSWORD Password for authenticated SMTP
PERCH_EMAIL_SECURE SMTP connection method. ssl, tls or an empty string

An example of configuration required to send email via Google’s Gmail SMTP would be as follows:

define('PERCH_EMAIL_METHOD', 'smtp');
define('PERCH_EMAIL_HOST', '');
define('PERCH_EMAIL_AUTH', true);
define('PERCH_EMAIL_SECURE', 'ssl');
define('PERCH_EMAIL_PORT', 465);
define('PERCH_EMAIL_PASSWORD', 'your gmail password');

(Note: if sending through Gmail, you now need to enable less secure apps settings otherwise you’ll receive a Could Not Authenticate message in Perch.)