Pre-populating Template Regions

Can I create a Region and pre-populate the template used?

The standard way to create a Perch Region is to use the perch_content PHP tag. You can then select the template used and set up an options in admin. Sometimes you might want to pre-populate a region with a template instead.

Instead of using perch_content, use perch_content_create() and pass in an array of options.

    <?php perch_content_create('News', array(
        'template' => 'article.html',
        'multiple' => true,
        'edit-mode' => 'listdetail',
        'sort' => 'date',
        'sort-order' => 'DESC',

Then reload your page in the browser as usual. If the Region does not exist this function will create it. If the Region does already exist perch_content_create will do nothing.

Creating regions in this way is especially useful when you are only going to display the region using perch_content_custom. Create the region first with perch_content_create and then display it using perch_content_custom.

Read the documentation for perch_content_create.