Correcting Links with the replace attribute

How do I make sure people enter correct links to a website address?

Content editors sometimes forget to add a full website address including the http:// leaving you with broken links on the site.

You can use the replace attribute on a template tag to ensure that you end up with an http:// at the beginning of a URL.

Firstly add http:// to the beginning of the link, this will ensure that all links start with http://. You now need to deal with the fact that some editors will add the http:// and you don’t want it to appear twice.

On the template tag used to collect this information add the replace attribute with a value of http://|. This tells Perch that if it finds the string http:// in the field to replace it with nothing when displaying it.

<a href="http://<perch:content id="url" type="text" label="Your website" replace="http://|">">