All notable changes to Perch Blog.


Adds support for webmentions Fixes issue with items on meta & social tab not persisting Fixes issue with categories


Fixes bugs found since Perch 3.0


Updates Blog for Perch and Runway 3.0


Adds Facebook OG and Twitter card support and multiple blogs for Perch Runway


Adds support for Blocks and Repeaters


Fixes bug with post category display


Adds admin search handler for Perch Runway and fixes small bugs


Fixes WordPress import and minor indexing bugs


Fixes PHP 5.3 compatibility issue


Integrates Categories and makes all fields filterable


Adds support for Perch 2.5 and fixes quote escaping issues


Fixes a number of very minor bugs


Fixes another bug with WordPress import


Fixes bug with tags and WordPress import


Adds sections and more template control


Paging improvements, date format fixes, comment count fixes


Adds author post count, fixes bugs


Honeypot bug fix


Antispam honeypot, change authors, delete spam


Bug fixes


Support for pagination-var


Category editing fixes


Filtering and sorting fixes


Filtering fixes and options for all runtime functions


Fixes for updating older blogs


Fixes install bugs


Dynamic fields for Categories and Authors


Posterous import


WordPress import improvements


Minor bug fixes


Draft preview and comment notification


Authors, import and performance


Minor bug fixes


With comments for Perch 2