The YouTube field type makes it easy to embed a YouTube video into a page. The field type provides a single text input field, into which the user pastes the public URL of a video on YouTube. The field type then uses Google’s YouTube API to fetch the details of the video for embedding in the page.

Installation and configuration

Download and place the youtube folder within perch/addons/fieldtypes.

Due to the way the Google API for YouTube works, there are a number of configuration steps required before you will be able to fetch video details from YouTube. These steps should only have to be followed once per site.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new project (e.g. Jones Partners Website)
  3. Go to APIs & auth in the menu, then to the APIs subitem and select YouTube Data API from the big list
  4. Click Enable API
  5. Go to Credentials in the menu
  6. Click Add Credentials and choose API key
  7. Create a Server key. You are given the option to limit by IP address, but you can leave that box empty and proceed
  8. Copy the API key - this is what you’re after
  9. In your config/config.php add the following, adding your nice new API key
`define('PERCH_YOUTUBE_API_KEY', 'your API key');`


Once installed, the field type can be used in a template by setting the type attribute to youtube:

<perch:content id="video" type="youtube" label="YouTube URL">

The field type retrieves lots of information about the video from YouTube. You can select what information the tag should output using the output attribute. For example, the following would output the iframe embed code:

<perch:content id="video" type="youtube" width="800" label="YouTube URL" output="embed">

The width and height attributes can be used to control the display size of the player.

There are a number of different output options you can use.

Ouput value Description
url The URL of the video on YouTube
embed An HTML iframe video player
title The title of the video
description The description of the video
user_name The name of the channel
date The date the video was published
thumb The URL of a thumbnail image
thumb_w The width of the thumbnail image
thumb_h The height of the thumbnail images
width The width of the video
height The height of the video
likes The number of likes (thumbs up) the video has received
dislikes The number of dislikes the video has received
favorites The number of times the video has been marked as a favorite
comments The number of numbskull comments left about the video
views The number of views the video has received
duration The duration of the video in hours:minutes:seconds

Player parameters

When embedding a player, there are a number of player parameters offered to customise the behaviour look of the player. If using the output="embed" option, these parameters can be added as attributes on the template tag.

<perch:content id="video" type="youtube" width="800" label="YouTube URL" output="embed" autoplay="1" modestbranding="1">