Updating the Twitter App is usually a case of replacing the perch_twitter folder in perch/addons/apps. See the Changelog for details of what has changed between the version you are updating from and the latest.

Upgrade notes for older installations

Version 3 of this app includes some major changes due to new requirements from Twitter. These include OAuth authentication, version 1.1 of the Twitter API, and new visual display requirements. The Perch Twitter app is up-to-date with all these requirements.

As these changes were significant, we’ve taken the opportunity to also tidy up the way the app works to make it more consistent with some of our newer apps. If you used a previous version, you’ll need to make some changes in your pages.

As well as new templates and a Feather to meet display requirements, the two main page functions have changed to take option arrays rather than a long string of arguments.

perch_twitter_get_latest('screen_name', 'mine', 10, true, 'tweet.html');


    'twitter_id'      => 'screen_name',
    'type'            => 'mine',
    'count'           => 10,
    'exclude_replies' => true,
    'template'        => 'tweet.html',

See the page functions documentation for a full guide.

Version 3.6 updates and integrates the tweet field type into the app itself. This makes things simpler for new installs. If you’re updating an older install, you need to remove the addons/fieldtypes/tweet folder that you may have added previously.

Version 4.0 brings the app in line with the Twitter guidelines for CMSs. As a result, the default tweet.html template is greatly simplified, falling back on more of Twitter’s own widget code.