Using content templates inside apps

How do I use my content template includes inside apps?

If you are using template includes to tidy up your templates you may run into a problem. If you want to use a content template partial inside blog then you need to use perch:blog tags rather than perch:content.

The template include syntax includes a method of rescoping template tags to correct the namespace.

I have a template partial saved as _figure.html which looks like this.

    <perch:if exists="figure">
         <img src="<perch:content id="figure" type="image" label="Upload a figure" width="640" height="480">" alt="<perch:content id="alt" type="text" label="Alt text">">
         <figcaption><perch:content id="caption" type="text" label="Figure caption"></figcaption>

I can include it in a content template like this.

      <h1><perch:content id="title" type="text" label="Article Title"></h1>
    <perch:template path="content/_figure.html">
      <perch:content id="content" type="text area" label="Article Body">  

To use it in blog I just need to use the rescope attribute to include it in my post.html template. It will then act as if all perch:content tags in the partial start with perch:blog.

    <h1><perch:blog id="postTitle" type="text" required size="xl"></h1>
    <time datetime="<perch:blog id="postDateTime" format="%Y-%m-%d">" pubdate class="published"><perch:blog id="postDateTime" format="%d %B %Y"></time>

        <perch:template path="content/_figure.html" rescope="parent">

    <div class="description entry-content">
      <perch:blog id="postDescHTML" type="textarea" encode="false" editor="markitup" textile size="xxl" required>